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Ran pouted and then rejected his approach if he was cold to huo chen huo chen would probably think that he repented he was playing with him then the result may be that he.

Want realism does he need this talk to him and let him beat him up although he is reluctant to fight he is always willing to bite of course I m sorry but I was impulsive if.

Know he liked me back then qiao ran bit his lower lip and said aggrievedly if he knew about shangguanyu like himself how could he possibly sleep in the office he has.

Ran away but they don t have any money on them so they should be unable to bear it soon huo chen felt a little unhappy he was very dissatisfied with lin chunhua and chen.

Ran carried the souvenirs he bought on vacation and went home happily intending to honor his dear old father whom he hadn t seen for a long time and report on Walmart Male Enhancement cocaine male enhancement his progress.

Seeing that there was no response from her father she lightly explained the reason why he poured her milk what does it look like to move out splashed just splashed that was.

Coquettish helplessly sighed he gently put the person on the chair and sat down kissed him and said in a low voice ah already caught qiao ran looked at huo chen puzzled he.

Disagree it seemed that he didn t need to talk to him anymore go home what kind of home this is qiao ran s home qiao shenkai snorted coldly he was paralyzed and he didn t.

Were abusing them by spreading dog food with them special it was a big show of affection just now woohoo I ve fed others to eat so many times but now I cocaine male enhancement Sexual Enhancement Pills eat it once um it.

Grievances of course not of course you can tell me as long as you want it s fine dear tell me why you re not happy my stepmother told me about my mother that I had a mother.

A long way it s about friendship but it should be different from li murong and the others after all what the outside world said has always been the three of them and huo.

Bit unbearable just use lubrication to speed up the combustion burning agent and bundling have not been used yet if he uses it later won t he scream qiao ran glared at huo.

After he was stunned for a moment he pushed him with a blushing face and told him to stay away from him this man really took the chance just confess to him last time I just.

Every time you eat hot pot it must be the more spicy the better but this time when he ordered the spicy soup base he actually ordered the mandarin duck pot and even the.

Agree qiao ran asked with a frown but after waiting for a long time his father didn t say anything except for looking at him with a serious face and sighing deeply after a.

Say it for this reason so just now he has been waiting outside waiting for him to get off work in the end let him listen it s here but it also provided him with a lot best ed pills over counter of.

And he didn t know the price so he forced huo chen to tell him one by one so every time he did it with huo chen he always chose to wear the most expensive clothes moreover.

All of this and that his current mental capacity was much better but he can t say said that he would think merchant account for male enhancement that he was coaxing him to reassure him and then let him out and.

M here to make you feel more comfortable qiao ran s neat request made huo chen very satisfied he stared at his bewitching goblin eyeballs blazed brightly he kissed qiao ran.

That nothing had happened and rubbed it lightly hey hey it s too much what are you doing today I m here to do serious business can you guys not show your love fortunately.

Desserts but don t like too sweet qiao ran coaxed qiao shenkai as if he was coaxing a child when he bought it he deliberately chose less sugar and he had tasted it before.

Law cooperates with the son in law and it is very good to ease the relationship between them it s semi successful after all let them run away moreover let them release that.

Ability isn t this a joke but the old man is determined and hard hearted after he said he would not understand he said to ask someone to teach tell him what to do with his.

Ran waved his hands again and again no no I just feel that father it s cute to be jealous it s funny will I qiao shenkai eat this kind of vinegar I joshen kai need to eat.

Could only watch but not eat you planned over the counter ed pills near me to let me be like this .

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What Causes An Indentation In An Erect Penis ?(Sex Pills Near Me) rx1 male enhancement reviews Royal Honey Male Enhancement Reviews, cocaine male enhancement.

rx1 male enhancement reviews Permanent Penis Enlargement, (Sex Enhancement Pills For Men) cocaine male enhancement Royal Honey Male Enhancement Reviews. and let it die on best selling male enhancement pills on amazon its own huo chen gently squeezed qiao ran the face the little guy said a lot that night.

Speechlessly what is it that he doesn t need to do anything just needs to cooperate and enjoy is it possible to cooperate without having to enjoy it who is huo chen fooling.

I m furious I m leaving qiao ran roared angrily and then dragged his large suitcase away the housekeeper chased after him but his persuasion was ineffective and he watched.

Time have already been identified I heard from rong yu that they were your former stepmother and her lover but it is said that the real person behind the scenes is actually.

Be pregnant for the first time huo chen faced other people with stammering speech completely lacking the momentum he had before he had a happy face the words are full of.

Time good it s not uncomfortable okay after qiao ran s denial huo chen s face was still uncomfortable and his mood was also unbearably uncomfortable he held his face leaned.

But he was too good to be good in the beginning he did everything by himself and only found him if he couldn t now with his hard work he will rely on .

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rx1 male enhancement reviews Permanent Penis Enlargement, (Sex Enhancement Pills For Men) cocaine male enhancement Royal Honey Male Enhancement Reviews. him and get used to it.

Honestly to mu bai then he changed his posture and sat cross legged on the sand continue to apply on hair education how did you educate mu bai was very curious about how.

Followed but the door was locked by qiao ran and he could only power force male enhancement listen to the voice inside the door in a hurry wow huo chen after qiao ran opened the door she hugged huo.

Wanted brother mu to see him as the only one mu bai listened with the more low and unpleasant tone his heart also became unpleasant what s more if xi yechen is arrogant and.

Then comforted Penis Enlargement Cost rx1 male enhancement reviews him gently his little fool he naturally knows that he will not do anything to others nor will he do anything to others and he doesn t even have the intention.

Are you planning to do recently are you planning to go to the company did your father arrange something for you lin chunhua pursed his lips and inquired patiently if qiao.

No don .

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rx1 male enhancement reviews Penis Enlargement Supplement, Gnc Male Enhancement cocaine male enhancement Sex Pills. t worry huo chen didn t cheat and didn t do anything to hurt qiao ran however if it s rx1 male enhancement reviews like this he s in big trouble rong yu looked at the two people in the photo and.

However ran ran was so greedy for his body and coveted his beauty he still very happy isn t the lubricant not good in water then what should I do qiao ran s mind became.

Mr xi to come he said that you are more familiar okay give it to me xi yechen took the document sent by the special assistant glanced at it and then looked up at mu bai who.

I really want to qiao ran looked at huo chen s sad eyes and his face that suddenly became aggrieved and hurriedly comforted him but if you don t work how can you buy me new.

Growing up qiao xiaoran has really changed a lot but he is developing towards excellence sure enough it s right to be great when you are with great people well he is very.

And then personally gave the he brushes his teeth and washes .

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  • 3.How Was Stonehenge Erected
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rx1 male enhancement reviews Permanent Penis Enlargement, (Sex Enhancement Pills For Men) cocaine male enhancement Royal Honey Male Enhancement Reviews. his face well don t be angry next time I won t be Topoplus rx1 male enhancement reviews like this huo chen wiped qiao ran s face but saw him pouting.

Xiao ranran and let ranran release the excess qiao ran frowned slightly rx1 male enhancement reviews male enhancement similar tp xanogen hold well it s like an adult hugging a child huo chen approached qiao ran and whispered in his ear.

Out he was so hooking his hand such an obvious flattery distracted his attention Best Penis Enlargement Pills rx1 male enhancement reviews and so much to say the grievance is pitiful as rhino male enhancement pills 50k if he is bullying him how can he be angry.

Much what a sensible michelle morgan in male enhancement thing to say but of course why .

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rx1 male enhancement reviews Permanent Penis Enlargement, (Sex Enhancement Pills For Men) cocaine male enhancement Royal Honey Male Enhancement Reviews. do you think it s me it s because qiao shenkai said it so you believe it huo chen squeezed the little flesh around qiao.

Comeback and what about him put all the resentment on mojo rising male enhancement pills huo chen after that he has been waiting for the opportunity to rx1 male enhancement reviews seek revenge on huo chen this is too speechless even.

Friends said that they had to kiss and touch to feel it he had already touched it so the only thing left was to kiss ah by the way he remembered that he seemed too ashamed.

What I have done I have done it I I know well then you can tell me I what did you do last night qiao ran was so helpless when huo chen said it this sad feeling was like.

Yes mine was hurt huo chen looked at those innocent eyes and then listened to qiao ran s fearless words pursed his lips and chuckled that s what the little villain thought.

House in fact I ve already said it just now so I ll blue diamond male enhancement review say it again qiao ran pouted all right anyway dad it s impossible to go to huo chen to say anything the first is to.

Zhi was talking about in a frenzy just now he and xi yechen were also regarded as transparent people he pursed his lips and looked again cocaine male enhancement Sexual Enhancement Pills looking at xi yechen he finally.

He is big the baby is just scary big in fact when he basically did it he didn t say much just blushing and beating gasping for breath kept him busy how can you be like huo.

Response huo chen listened to the soft he hummed lowly a smile overflowed from the rx1 male enhancement reviews corner of his mouth and the doting love in his eyes was strongly displayed I just rx1 male enhancement reviews kissed.

Prepared for it qiao shenkai said lightly and sarcastically said emotional matters I remember that rx1 male enhancement reviews you are the only son in your family so it has nothing to do with you.

Several times rong yu feels like a mush spring breeze but fierce very Walmart Male Enhancement cocaine male enhancement scary he had a confused relationship that day and when he xtreme boost male enhancement pills reviews woke up he ran away after returning home he.

Feeling of gay male enhancement apperal coolness came it gave him enduros male enhancement supplement black chaos brought a trace of clarity in his consciousness then he realized that his shirt was missing at some point huo chen on the other.

You sure qiao ran sneered he was so courageous rx1 male enhancement reviews that he dared to tell him clearly he hasn t planned to tell his father yet after all he has no evidence in his hands what he.

Already cocaine male enhancement Sexual Enhancement Pills run away he raised his eyes and looked at huo chen and found that he looked at him with a wronged rx1 male enhancement reviews rx1 male enhancement reviews expression of I m just jealous I just need to be coaxed huo chen.

Until late at night so he stayed at home for dinner after having dinner and resting in the living room for a while qiao ran walked with qiao shenkai and then went back to.

Married already doesn t he like you lu yuan was startled I rubbed it how could it be possible xiao yuaner how could he like me he has married kids can make soy sauce rong.

Brother s lover alas it s hard to extender plus male enhancement deal with six dollars is your family and your brothers you will be unhappy when your family and brothers touch you I said that the other.

Little father are dealing with this matter the thing about staring people is carried out by the little father and the other is huo treat with sincerity qiao rx1 male enhancement reviews ran nodded huo.

Wouldn t he not know how to keep a distance this is clearly the drunkard s intention not to drink that jeweler has money and power and they are the perfect match dad am i.

Family started from scratch we have no power and no background in terms of talent I just said if you were a little bit better when you were studying I wouldn t be blushed.

Suppressed the idea huo chen pursed his lips he used to restrain himself and dare not do anything and he didn t dare to mess around but from the moment ranran decided to be.

Encourage ranran however after practicing for so long if he doesn t give him some comfort or encouragement what if he gets discouraged and doesn t take the initiative to.

Full i need bigger dick porn of grief are magic supplement pills good for a male enhancement and grievance and he looked very pitiful uh no no of course I want you to accompany me you work overtime for a long time I I don t have much time to meet you.

About the emotions pouring in it may be the memories of his previous life and the fact that he cares about huo chen s liking now that he is so worried and nervous however.

Clothes taking the opportunity to wipe huo chen s abdominal muscles huh my stomach huo chen felt qiao ran who was blatantly taking advantage of him his eyes flashed there.

Housekeeper when he knew that ran ran had eaten dinner obediently and that there was nothing wrong with his emotions he was a little relieved but when the housekeeper said.

Pressing him on purpose lowered his eyelids and asked quietly yeah if we re done of course we can meet don t I tell you how much do I miss the sour taste qiao ran nodded.

As you re by my side huo chen s eyes became dark and dark and he said coldly with a chuckle when he raised his eyes again his eyes were filled with madness and his emotions.

A master in the kitchen now qiao ran grinned since huo chen didn t let him learn to cook since he was scalded that time it s like baking making biscuits baking bread and so.

Rabbit really made him play a little bit it felt like it was real it s like talking to this rabbit I don t believe it unless you can prove it then how do you prove it huo.

Returned to his senses and stared at qiao ran deeply then his eyes moved to his stomach and he asked nervously in his mind just now there was only luo zhi s saying that.

Watch and learn if liuyuan had told him earlier he would .

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Male Enhancer PillPenis Enlargement Surgery Before After rx1 male enhancement reviews Topoplus cocaine male enhancement Male Enhancement Pills Increase Size.
Best Erection PillsPenis Enlargement Cost cocaine male enhancement, rx1 male enhancement reviews Mens Upflow Male Enhancement Best Male Enhancement Pills At Gnc.
Dick Enlargement Pillscocaine male enhancement Male Enhancement Pills Near Me (Best Over The Counter Ed Pills That Work Fast) rx1 male enhancement reviews Topoplus.
Pills For Erection(Sex Pills Near Me) rx1 male enhancement reviews Royal Honey Male Enhancement Reviews, cocaine male enhancement.
List Of Fda Approved Male Enhancement Pills(Over The Counter Ed Pills That Work Fast) cocaine male enhancement, rx1 male enhancement reviews Penis Enlargement Side Effects Extenze Male Enhancement.
Male Enhancement Pill(Over The Counter Ed Pills That Work Fast) cocaine male enhancement, rx1 male enhancement reviews Penis Enlargement Side Effects Extenze Male Enhancement.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Before After rx1 male enhancement reviews Topoplus cocaine male enhancement Male Enhancement Pills Increase Size. have packed those things and brought them to him brother yu must like it very much but he has to work hard for his.

Be very is unforgettable he thinks that there are many kinds of things that he needs to try well in the future so as to lead ranran to appreciate the good feeling of.

Beat himself so hard sure enough it s not okay to be too snarky and too loose what the heck didn t he think of what s the problem if you don t lie down and don t touch it.

Cause trouble to huo chen and his father and there is one place that he has always cared about that is the place mail order ed pills that was set on fire that place was always a worry before.

T I huo chen pursed his lips and chuckled saying that he was very daring when he was in a relationship with etiquette but now he is so shy bold and shy he is so cute that.

Woolen cloth um Topoplus rx1 male enhancement reviews is it rx1 male enhancement reviews Rhino Sex Pills me can t satisfy you huo chen said in a hoarse voice then he untied his tie and walked towards the panicked qiao ran from the angle he had just.

Qiao ran raised his eyebrows he was a little surprised he thought he would listen to the others I didn t expect that huo chen was so happy that he didn t know how to answer.

Definitely not be angry .

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rx1 male enhancement reviews Penis Enlargement Supplement, Gnc Male Enhancement cocaine male enhancement Sex Pills. mu bai looked at fang ruo in astonishment is this kid from natural male enhancement pills singapore nima mentally retarded now that you re done with your apology just shut up okay he still.

Course I need to be coaxed to be good huo chen nodded to agree with what qiao ran said but before that he expressed jealousy about ran ran being kissed in those photos and.

Him over and the best male enhancement pills walmart have rip off his clothes and mess up he struggled hard he twisted one by one and raised his feet to kick his thighs however just bigdicksherbal libigrow male enhancement pill as he was about to kick he only.

Talked to qiao ran speak after that he took the opportunity to ask brother chen to sign it and then happily thought that brother chen would not give it to xi yechen so soon.

If he wanted something other than that he wouldn t get hot he wouldn t be craving he wouldn t under the provocation and provocation of huo chen the bad guy he wanted to be.

Making him want to cry when huo chen heard the words he immediately stood up bent over and stretched out his hand to hug qiao ran in his arms while qiao ran was still.

Disguise but yeah in order to rx1 male enhancement reviews give baby chen chen a sense of security he gave it up however when did I refuse the request of ranran already of course I d love to help you.

The feeling spreads all over the body and finally gathers directly and then reaches xiaoran he can feel his trembling and his impulse of course it s because I bought too.

He lived here but because I was afraid that he would refuse and that he would dislike him so I didn t dare to say it forget it he should take huo chen s defense step by.

The eldest brother who headed him seemed to think that qiao ran s suggestion was very good and whispered to the man shut up who knows if this kid is lying in case he calls.

He also asked such a strange question that he didn t understand who made ranran have this kind of reaction and made ranran rx1 male enhancement reviews have to solve it by rx1 male enhancement reviews Rhino Sex Pills hand huo chen felt sour in.

Extremely uncomfortable the two returned to the table but when they got close to the table when they smelled the food qiao ran s face changed again he patted huo chen got.

Good to settle the account after eating and drinking after a gust of wind swept away the clouds qiao ran looked at the empty bowl and plate and blushed embarrassedly huo.

The hell are you doing lu yuan screamed because of the back entry he turned his head to look at rong yu and was so angry nima s let him sit on top of him can t you just sit.

When huo chen arrived at the hospital he was still in a panic when he saw luo zhi putting tape on qiao ran s head when he took it .

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cocaine male enhancement Male Enhancement Pills Near Me (Best Over The Counter Ed Pills That Work Fast) rx1 male enhancement reviews Topoplus. his face was even more gloomy and scary.

He was complaining but he was very happy and his face became a little weird of course he actually lay in bed with other men he also said that rx1 male enhancement reviews the bed was big and soft and.

Hearted talk indifferent and cold blooded vampire that s what many people think of me huo chen s simple and clear explanation he felt he doesn t need to know about the.

Was difficult for him to slowly calm down the restless and lawless elements in huo chen s heart but he shouldn t be in a mess just because of these but the appearance just.

Ll be fine it s you what are you talking about huo chen qiao shenkai s face .

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(Best Male Enhancement Pills) rx1 male enhancement reviews Topoplus cocaine male enhancement Side Effects Of Male Enhancement Pills. was so dark that buy male enhancement pills in australia he was speechless will not be embarrassed it would be nice if there was one.

No he finally has a baby who is just like him consistent his cherished heart qiao ran wrinkled her nose what should men do with men there are men and women around friends.

A long time he decided to ask the huo family for help as long as the huo family was willing to help and the fang family broke away from the gu family he told huo chen about.

Hand and touched xiao xiaoran with the other the petting went on at the same time and the movement on his lips did not stop woo qiao ran sobbed size vital male enhancement lowly and the cries could.

How could he refuse this just your hand v8 super energy sex pills for male enhancement qiao ran do ed pills work pursed her lips raised her hand and said to huo chen does that even need to be said didn t he just take the initiative to.

By hand and brother yu was also there when they said go they were looking at what those were it s over it s definitely too late to call now woohoo he cheated his brother in.

Ways looking for a entanglement that can bring comfort and pleasure to each other the reaction brought by Best Penis Enlargement Pills rx1 male enhancement reviews ran ran s active kiss was even more intense every time it can.

Blushed I rub it what kind of candy could the senior pervert want nima he should have guessed what rong yu this dog man wants rong yu blinked his eyes and became cute is.

Ears reddened and said very embarrassedly listen qiao ran nodded he didn t believe it he really said that even if he was drunk he couldn t be stupid enough to take the.

Soundly and soundly how could I feel good when I was woken up by someone it s definitely possible to lose my temper and scold others if someone is in front of you there.

Do intimate things you need to lie down various postures and various practices of course it is not that I have not experienced it could it be that he was taking the.

So that rong yu could open the door and get in the car he watched rong yu drive away and sighed helplessly qiao xiaoran why are you smiling like this lu yuan touched bigger dick gif the.

Living room tired qiao ran you re rx1 male enhancement reviews back it s really early today when qiao ran s stepmother lin chunhua saw qiao ran s do black girls need bigger dicks return at this libadorm male enhancement recall time she couldn t believe it this.

Huo chen when qiao ran saw huo chen the smile on his face collapsed and he was instantly aggrieved then he opened his arms to hug him of course I m sorry I m late huo chen.

Emotions surged in his eyes full of madness and paranoia and it was completely in front of qiao ran you you are unreasonable even though I was bullied you still want to.

Panicked come on let s go down to eat lu yuan and rong yu are eating at home at night huo chen squeezed qiao ran s face lightly then picked him up and walked out just take.

Away he was afraid that he would think this would be boring that he would not be valued at all when he was with him and then he might start disliking him and finally broke.

Was still very good their bosses have .

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  • 1.Will Cannabis Suppress Erections In Men
  • 2.Do Erections Make Your Penis Bigger
  • 3.Do Girls Get Turned On By Erections
  • 4.How Do I Stop Getting Erections
  • 5.How Big Should A 12 Year Olds P Erect

(Best Male Enhancement Pills) rx1 male enhancement reviews Topoplus cocaine male enhancement Side Effects Of Male Enhancement Pills. Penis Enlargement Cost rx1 male enhancement reviews a lot of rules so there will be no chaotic and strange scenes in the bar just the kind of vyalisrx male enhancement harmony if you taste it you are not allowed.

Are so stingy when it comes .

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(Best Male Enhancement Pills) rx1 male enhancement reviews Topoplus cocaine male enhancement Side Effects Of Male Enhancement Pills. to money it s like that crab look rhino 7 male enhancement stingy qiao ran laughed and he knew that every time he mentioned that he wanted to marry huo chen when it came.

Making a .

Which Drug Cause Erection Without Stimulation

cocaine male enhancement Male Enhancement Pills Near Me (Best Over The Counter Ed Pills That Work Fast) rx1 male enhancement reviews Topoplus. mess on his body his eyes flickered but he didn t stop him he just looked at qiao ran puzzled that s right I want to be your little ancestor I want to be held in.

Delicate it s just intimacy Walmart Male Enhancement cocaine male enhancement and crookedness doing shameful things leaving marks on ranran s body he was careful not to hurt him when he was in trouble he protects and.

S mouth .

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Penis Enlargement Surgery Before After rx1 male enhancement reviews Topoplus cocaine male enhancement Male Enhancement Pills Increase Size. showed a warm smile his eyes were cold and his anger had reached its peak huo chen I m sorry he didn t go out today fang ruo hurry up apologize seeing huo chen like.

The dead old man had already made a will early on if this is the case then she has to plan early maybe after all I m his only son right qiao ran s face the smile on the top.

Also seen it this time the feeling is very different anyway it s a particularly shy person paralyzed when he bought this it was because he was afraid of huo chen resist i.

This whisper is not going anywhere they should have heard it almost besides they can only speak if they need to avoid it he will not speak here how to say well in fact it.

You lin chunhua s eyes were wide and paralyzed could it be that qiao ran is really pregnant she glanced up and down at qiao ran she looked at the position where qiao ran s.

Pain there but it is sore it feels very strange it took a long time for him to realize that he was being stuffed with sauce by huo chen what s more he s best chinese male enhancement on the top he s.

Others are by his side and won t leave him just open but in front of ranran ranran asked him so straightforwardly but he hesitated and retreated he kept thinking would he.

Same kiss and the posture is the same as last time isn t it why is it still uncomfortable is he doing something wrong why don t you try again huo chen looked at qiao ran.

Looked at huo the smile on chen s face made him so angry that he wanted to go forward and bite huo chen but he immediately thought manhood max male enhancement enlargement of what he had to do and immediately.

Will it bother you qiao ran was overjoyed when she listened to the deep and pleasant voice praising herself is hanging a smile but when he spoke to huo chen he was full of.

Chen huo chen is a senior old yellow man then qiao xiaoran is now an advanced little yellow man he still needs to come back to ask his rx1 male enhancement reviews cute and advanced minion brothers.

Compromise easily this time he must persevere of course I won t lock you up don t be angry and don t ignore me huo chen finally compromised in the stalemate between the Penis Enlargement Cost rx1 male enhancement reviews two.

Shouldn t let him go lying me when did I lie mu bai s face a hot gritted his teeth angrily denied he just watched brother chen sign it and he didn t tell him clearly that.

Ll find out if I go to check rx1 male enhancement reviews tomorrow before I know if it s true I ll take it as protection huo chen gently squeezed qiao ran s face and comforted her in a low voice he.

Still know that I m your father tell me what you did why did I treat you badly what did I do to the extent that rx1 male enhancement reviews Rhino Sex Pills I was conscienceless you want huo chen to deal with me like.

Your own father in your head of course there is then what father calm down you can get angry but at least let me know what you are mad at me otherwise wait for you to think.

Chen have another relationship there is Penis Enlargement Cost rx1 male enhancement reviews a conflict and if something terrible happens again it happens that lin chunhua Penis Enlargement Cost rx1 male enhancement reviews provides this again so I can only bite the bullet in.

T want him to be too tired he wouldn t let him go even if he fell asleep at that time he only felt that he was insane even if he fell asleep he would not let it go after.

When qiao ran heard huo chen say this he felt a little lost he was ready to be rejected but he didn t think he was rejected by huo chen meow huo chen actually rejected him.

Miserable this time but unfortunately he can only accept it like this I m too busy during this time and I don t have time to accompany my family I m free this time I want.

What does huo chen mean anyway answer him let him know how he feels and what he thinks even with a single word but actually ignore what he said the feeling of not getting a.

Ran pouted he covered his heart hmph he was injured by dad and liu yuan and he was going to find his darling chen chen for comfort qiao ran he trotted all the way out of.

Him leave here anyway xi yechen no you listen to me I say ah at first it s just what your parents meant and then I said that the purpose is to let you go abroad and let you.

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