In June 2018, the Palestinian authorities launched an international tender for staff training to provide them with the appropriate knowledge and cutting-edge technologies in their fields.

In October 2018, the Ministry of Local Government had selected “3Click Solution” in collaboration with “TOPO+” for the training of (08) eight personnel from their cadre in the fields of Geodesy, Topography and Digital Photogrammetry.

The executives to be trained underwent (02) two weeks of initial training at the “Gammarth Thalasso” Hotel and at TOPO+’s premises.

The training was carried out as follows:

  • Day 1 Geodesy
  • Day 2 Geodesy
  • Day 3 GNSS
  • Day 4 GNSS
  • Day 5 CORS
  • Day 6 Digital photogrammetry
  • Day 7 Digital photogrammetry
  • Day 8 Digital photogrammetry
  • Day 9 Digital photogrammetry
  • Day 10 Digital photogrammetry

It should also be noted that the training was adapted in two languages, English and Arabic. During their stay (the weekend), the executives took the opportunity to visit several places in Tunisia.

The lecturers chosen for this training course are experienced professionals, to ensure the success of the course.

At the end of the training, a training guide was given to each executive in digital format, containing the entire pedagogical flow of the course and practical procedures in video format.

It should be noted that “3 Click Solutions” is an accredited training organization. As such, an official certificate was delivered to each manager.

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